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What is Cloud Computing?


Cloud computing is a specific type of IT setup that involves multiple computers or hardware pieces sending and storing data through a wireless or IP-connected network. With the growing popularity of cloud computing services, more and more people understand the cloud as a storage environment supplied by vendors that assume responsibility for data and archive security.

Facilitating the Transformation to Cloud Computing

ACR is here to equip you with the tools and the intelligence around cloud technology in order to facilitate a smooth transition from reliance upon hardware devices to the virtual environment that is the cloud. From assessing your network and developing a migration strategy, to managing and optimising your cloud network, ACR will ensure a successful cloud transformation for your IT network. 

The Value of Cloud Computing

Switching to the cloud allows for greater growth and control of your network. The ability to access the cloud remotely allows for operational flexibility, and the virtualisation of your storage environments and networks also removes the necessity for hardware components and therefore saves you both time and money.

ACR Cloud Services


Cloud computing is quickly dominating the digital sphere. ACR’s cloud services are comprehensive, beginning with assessing your digital environment, through to migration and optimised management.



ACR will carry out an initial assessment of your digital environment, allowing us to map a clear roadmap and develop an airtight strategy to assist your eventual transformation to the cloud.



Equipped with a comprehensive background assessment, ACR have a secure and driven approach to help the journey to your cloud, and will facilitate the whole process to ensure no stone is left unturned.



Once you have fully migrated to the cloud, ACR will monitor your virtual network and manage its functionality to ensure you are getting the most out of your cloud environment.

Choose ACR For a Successful Cloud Migration


ACR will develop, manage and optimise your migration into cloud computing, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition from the physical to digital environments.  

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Case Studies


ACR developed an excellent relationship with the IT Manager at DENSO which meant that crucial information was shared in an open and effective manner.

Longcroft School

It was important to identify one solution to address the issues and a critical component of the solution was the choice of SAN which had to meet the demands of today and the future growth of an ever expanding college.

Parker Hannifin

It was important for Parker Hannifin to select a provider with pedigree, and ACR has a proven track record winning numerous industry recognized awards.

"ACR demonstrated a winning culture, passionate people, valued customers and engaged leadership."

Bishop Grosseteste University

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