The single most important pressure in any organisation's IT infrastructure is security. 

The Importance of Cyber Security

A robust and comprehensive security system is paramount when it comes to optimising your network. As you would lock the doors to a house, you need infrastructure in place that will keep out unwanted malware, but also monitor your digital environment 24/7 to see where there is potential for breaches to occur. Surveillance, proactive responding and consistent reporting will ensure your network, and its data, remain secure.

Protect Against Sophisticated Data Thieves

Every businesses IT network holds highly sensitive information and therefore any breach, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can be extremely detrimental. This can result in long-term disruptions, lost productivity, loss of data and ultimately reduced profits, all of which can be seriously damaging to a company’s reputation. 

As data thieves become more sophisticated in their means of attack, companies need to constantly evaluate and manage their cyber security policies and data protection technology.

Consistently Monitoring Your Digital Environment With Breach Detection Software

This is where ACR comes in. We fortify your IT infrastructure against potential and existing vulnerabilities in your network using ‘breach detection’, a lesser known stipulation of GDPR. We monitor your digital environment 24/7, enabling us to predict, respond and remotely resolve issues before they become troublesome outages.

Businesses also face security threats internally from inexperienced staff and ACR are able to offer advice on how to perform regular auditing to reduce this risk.

ACR Cyber Security Services


ACR is one of the industry leaders when it comes to digital security. Our security services cover not only antivirus, but authentication, compliance checks and breach detection.



An internet firewall shields your network from dangerous threats and prevents unauthorised access or infiltration. Firewalls inspect incoming traffic for known attack methods and ensure that these do not inflict costly damage to your digital environment.



Anti-virus software detects viruses or worms and eliminates them before they have a chance to inflict any damage. With tens of thousands of new viruses being produced every day, no individual or organisation can afford these ignore the risks and the potential implications on business continuity that they pose.



Authentication is the process of determining whether a person or connection is exactly what they declare to be. Authentication typically involves the utilisation of a password and username, however many businesses require a more stringent system to protect against data fraud. 



IT compliance is a core aspect of the risk management process. ACR helps businesses to accurately assess their security needs so that they can implement technology which helps them to stay on the right side of IT legislation and governance rules. 

Choose ACR as Your Frontline Against Cyber Threats

Don’t risk compromising your secure data. ACR will ensure that you’re protected against ever-evolving digital threats by proactively monitoring your digital environment 24/7.

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Case Studies


ACR developed an excellent relationship with the IT Manager at DENSO which meant that crucial information was shared in an open and effective manner.

Longcroft School

It was important to identify one solution to address the issues and a critical component of the solution was the choice of SAN which had to meet the demands of today and the future growth of an ever expanding college.

Parker Hannifin

It was important for Parker Hannifin to select a provider with pedigree, and ACR has a proven track record winning numerous industry recognized awards.

"ACR demonstrated a winning culture, passionate people, valued customers and engaged leadership."

Bishop Grosseteste University

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