Virtualising your digital environment will increase productivity and reduce overall costs.

What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation, simply put, is the process of replacing tangible devices and controls with a virtual system whereby software manages more of the network’s processes. For instance, a server or machine can be built into code which then becomes a software program functioning in exactly the same way as the physical component.

Reduce Expenditure Without Compromising Quality or Productivity

IT accounts for a significant proportion of a company’s overall costs, so it’s understandably an area where decision-makers look to deliver efficiencies. Virtualisation is one of the most effective ways of streamlining IT management and ensuring users receive a more enhanced computer service.

Virtualisation technology enables businesses to run multiple operating systems or applications on a single computer. This means reduced hardware requirements, which in turn frees up valuable office space and removes unwanted costs and management headaches. 

ACR Virtualisation Services

ACR specialises in all things virtualisation. From server virtualisation to establishing desktop virtualisation and network mobility, ACR has got you covered.



Server virtualisation partitions a physical server into multiple, smaller virtual servers to maximise hardware resources. Enabling multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single, physical machine.



Creating a computing environment that allows a workforce to access desktops, business application and files from any location without compromising security or management control.



Enabling users to work on portable devices that have access to a shared virtual desktop infrastructure regardless of their location, prompted by advances in wireless technology.

Choose ACR as Your Virtualisation Specialists

ACR specialise in virtualisation. Our bespoke virtualisation solutions will help companies to fulfil their IT potential and maintain a manageable workload at the same time as controlling costs, enhancing disaster recovery capabilities, increasing business continuity and planning for future growth. Streamline your networks infrastructure today and get in touch! 

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Case Studies


ACR developed an excellent relationship with the IT Manager at DENSO which meant that crucial information was shared in an open and effective manner.

Longcroft School

It was important to identify one solution to address the issues and a critical component of the solution was the choice of SAN which had to meet the demands of today and the future growth of an ever expanding college.

Parker Hannifin

It was important for Parker Hannifin to select a provider with pedigree, and ACR has a proven track record winning numerous industry recognized awards.

"ACR demonstrated a winning culture, passionate people, valued customers and engaged leadership."

Bishop Grosseteste University

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